Monday, December 10, 2012

2400 Groktz Dwarfstompa vs. WOC


Scenario: Battleline
Location: Gamers Haven Colorado Springs, CO
Date played: Saturday, December 08, 2012

Orcs - Groktz Dwarfstompa

General: Derick

  (SGS) (Rurz Facepoker) Savage Orc Great Shaman, SO Great Shaman [290 points]

  (NGS) (Luzagal SnotlingLicker) Night Goblin Shaman, NG Shaman [110 points]

  (BSB) Goblin Big Boss (Battle Standard Bearer),  [153 points]
      + Spider Banner

  (BBB) Black Orc Big Boss, BO Big Boss [90 points]

  (SO) 33 Savage Orc Big'Uns, SO Boyz Mob [383 points]
      + Musician, Standard

  (NG) 41 Night Goblins, Night Goblin Mob [178 points]
      + Standard

  (WR1) 5 Goblin Wolf Riders, Wolf Rider Mob [50 points]

  (WR2) 5 Goblin Wolf Riders, Wolf Rider Mob [50 points]

  (SH1) 40 Night Goblin Squig Herd, Squig Herd 1 [270 points]
      (30 squigs, 10 hearders)

  (SH2) 40 Night Goblin Squig Herd, Squig Herd [270 points]
     (30 squigs, 10 hearders)

  (T1) Trolls [35 points]

  (T2) Trolls [35 points]

  (T3) Trolls [35 points]

  (MS1) Mangler Squig [65 points]

  (MS2) Mangler Squig [65 points]

  (PW) Snotling Pump Wagon, Pump Wagon [75 points]
      +Spiky Roller, Giant 'Explodin Spores

  (DD1) Goblin Doom Diver Catapult, Doom Diver 1 [80 points]

  (DD2) Goblin Doom Diver Catapult, Doom Diver 2 [80 points]

  (RL) Goblin Rock Lobber, Shooty Things [85 points]

  Total: 2399 points

Warriors of Chaos

General: Mike

  (SLoT) Sorcerer Lord of Tzeentch [290 points]

  (EHoKB) Exalted Hero of Khorne (Battle Standard Bearer) [150 points]

  (CMoK1) 20 Chaos Marauders of Khorne [140 points]

  (CMoK2) 20 Chaos Marauders of Khorne [140 points]

  (CWoN) 24 Chaos Warriors of Nurgle [426 points]
      + Standard

  (CWoK) 24 Chaos Warriors of Khorne [426 points]
      + Standard

  (CoK) 15 Chosen of Khorne [315 points]

  (CW) Chaos Warshrine [130 points]

  (S) 6 Skullcrushers [380 points]

  Total: 2377 points


Deployment after vanguard
Busy bashing weaker beings in other parts of the world, Groktz Dwarfstompa recieved a report from a trusty lieutenant. Rurz Facepoker was sent to scout the Unknown world to the North, again running into another race of men, stronger, tougher, mutated, and better at putting up a good fight. After engaging with the chaotic men in the past, Rurz 'Ead Licker was familiar with their troops strengths and their tactics. The army looked as it did before, and taking advice from the punished (now eatin') goblins he decided to attempt to correct the mistakes of the last battle.

After digesting some of the goblin advisers Rurz prepared the incantations for Fist of Gork, The Hand of Gork, 'Eadbutt, and 'Ere We Go!

Luzagal SnotlingLicker also deciding to pray to Mork. Luzagal remembered the incantation to cast Gift of the Spider-god and Gork'll Fix It.

Detecting the same energy as before, Rurz realized that the Sorcerer from last time he came into contact  these chaotic people must have survived to return for a good fight. The Chaos Sorcerer of Tzeentch generated Flickering Fire of Tzeentch, Pandeamonium, Treason of Tzeentch, and Infernal Gateway.

Orcs - Turn 1:

Orcs seize the initiative and make an aggressive move forward
Seizing the initiative to go first the Boyz stayed in line enough to make aggressive moves forward with out breaking out and fighting each other. Only one of the wolf rider groups got out of control and trotted forwards. Wanting to be aggressive and bait charges Rurz positioned the trolls and the wolf riders to receive the charges and feign fleeing.

Channeling enough energy Rurz cast Hand of Gork on one of the Mangler Squigs to move it in front of the Chosen of Khorn hoping it would crash into them in the following turns and delaying their movment.

Shooting was effective as the Rock Lobber landed directly on the Warshrine failing its ward save, however the rock was a small one and only inflicted one wound. Both doom divers shot, one slipped its rings sending the unlucky goblin into oblivion off the battlefield, the other glided onto the armored warriors impaling itself on three warriors. 

WOC - Turn 1:

The Warriors of Chaos make bold moves, charging, and marking down the Scree slope
The Chaos marauders charged the wolves and as planned the wolves fled away panicking the other wolves who where so frightened ran through the forest smashing one wolf and goblin into a tree. The skullcrushers moved aggressively along the flank as the Chosen decided to move into the cluster of squig, goblin, and chain  contraption losing 11 in the mess. The Chaos Warriors on the other flank decided to brave the steep slope marching into position, legs snapped under the heavy armor and 5 warriors died falling to their deaths.

The Sorcerer seeing a chance to use the leadership against the green skins cast Pandeamonium which Rurz dispelled knowing the implications that can follow. 

Orcs - Turn 2:

Squigs were hungry
The Squig Herd unit failed its animosity and in the craze charged the flank of the Skullcrushers. The wolves decided this fight wasn't for them and left the battle, Rurz seeing this, knows he will find them and punish them later. The snotlings lose control of their pumpwagon and instead turn tail and smash into the squig herd killing 3 unlucky squigs. The other wolf riders rallied hoping to protect the the doom diver. Rurz seeing the opportunity to set up a wall with trolls did so, hoping to bait the marauders and warriors into combat and out of position.

Da Big Waaagh was useful again enabling Rurz to cast Hand of Gork on the other Mangler Squig moving it to bar the passage of the Khorne Warriors on the other flank.

One doom diver missed his target completely smashing into the sand, the goblins on the other doom diver didn't do the proper maintenance on the machine causing it to crash and fall to pieces on top of them. The rock lobber again scored a hit on the Warshrine but this time it was protected by its wards.

The Skullcrushers were surprised from the attack through the forest and with being unprepared only managed to kill 5 squigs who where chompin on their boots. Feeling hungry the squigs and their herders managed to kill two Skullcrushers and wound another, causing the Skullcrushers to break from combat in surprise and run from the battlefield. In frenzy the squigs, not listening to their herders attempts to control them, perused the Skullcrushers off the battlefield for a short time. 

WOC - Turn 2:

Break through the middle, with the Khorne Marauders leading the charge
The Sorcerer seeing his trusty monstrous cav unit being run off the battlefield by a horde of squigs decided to try and break through the middle sending the bazerking Khorne Marauders towards the troll and into the puny night goblins. The warriors on the other flank tried to position themselves to charge moving into the mangler squig and losing 7 to the death ball.

The Sorcerer decided not to charge the trolls and decided to cast Infernal Gateway successfully, at the last second before the savage orcs could possibly be sucked into the Realm of Chaos, Luzagal used his magical dispel scroll stopping the spell cold. Again Pandaemonium was attempted to cast but Rurz was hording the magical energy and snuffed the spell out.

The Khorne Mauraders smashed the single troll dodgy all of its slow attacks and crawling over its dead corpse to smash into the night goblins behind the troll.

Orcs - Turn 3:

Smashin - 4 goblins died not 8 :P

Rurz saw that he needed to aid the night goblins knowing he couldn't trust them to kill off the Marauders. Losing himself in the frenzy along with his fellow savages decided it was about time to charge, slamming into the flank of the Marauder unit engaged with the night goblins. To protect the flank of the savage orcs the trolls were ordered to hold the Warriors of Nurgle unit at bay. The snotlings finally got the pump wagon under control and turned to smash into the armored chosen warriors. The other squig herd got into position to charge the other Chaos Marauders and hoping to overrun into the Warshrine.

Both Gork and Mork decided to help the units in combat adding to the savage orcs poison and allowing them to re-swing their misses.

The doom diver malfunctioned slingshoting the goblin catching its foot and smashing into the other goblins and side of the machine crumbling it to the ground. The rock lobber miss judged the distance and shot straight into the dirt.

Both Gork and Mork decided to help the units in combat adding to the savage orcs poison and allowing them to re-swing their misses. Killing 11 Marauders between the savages and night goblins the Marauders saw the effort was futile and decided to pray to Khorne, Blood for the Blood god, smashing 4 night goblins before being run down by the savage orcs. One of the trolls saw the relatively squish warrior and detected the magic flowing in his veins thinking that could do the most damage to him sent all his attacks at it, sneaking past the ward once and stomping on him to inflict 2 wounds total. The other warriors cut down the trolls opening up the path towards the savage orcs. The snotlings inflicted two wounds to the Chosen of Khorne before being hacked apart by their halberds. 

WOC - Turn 3:

Squigs go wild
The Chaos Sorcerer seeing the marauders overran by green tide, saw the last opportunity to break the greenskins. Charging into the savage orcs and triple charging the squig herd sitting out in the open.

Knowing the spells of the greenskins were still active, the Sorcerer decided to dispel both of them hoping to swing the combat his way.

The exalted hero bsb bellowed a challenge to the savage orcs, stepping up to accept was the Black Orc Big Boss, Krurk Eyebasher, in charge of keeping the savage orcs in line. The exalted warriors sent a flurry of attacks that inflicted one wound, with dual choppas Krurk stomped on the exalted hero sending 3 wounds through the chaos armor, one cutting deep into the hero's throat the other under the armpit into the heart, slaying the exalted hero dropping the battle standard into the blood soaked ground.  Seeing their standard stomped to the ground the warriors sliced through many savage orcs slaying 6. The savages seeing the Sorcerer already bloody and wounded targeted him cutting off his head, the rest of the savages struck back at the armored warriors causing them to break from combat and being ran down by the savage orcs.

The triple charge slayed 11 cave squigs, the cave squigs were able to kill a few marauders. Failing to keep the squigs in the combat the herders lost control of the Squigs as they went went wild killing everything in the area. The aftermath left only one Marauder and one Khorne Warrior alive. 

Orcs - Turn 4:

Orcs position to sweep the battlefield

Rurz positioned his troops to sweep through and clear the battlefield. The wolves charge the marauder failing miserably as their wolves must have been tired.

Casting Hand of Gork in a massive detonation almost sucking Rurz into the darkness, adding one wound to himself and slaying three savages that were around him. 

WOC - Turn 4:


The warriors seeing their general and all their lines broken decided to go down fighting following the warshrine into combat.

The warshrine crashed into the savage orcs killing 3. The savage orcs and Krurk hardly made it through the shrines ward saves only inflicting 2 wounds.  The warshrine passed its test and stayed in combat. 

Orcs - Turn 5:

Orcs try to finish off chaos

The wolves charged the Khorne Warrior. The other greenskins stumbled over each other trying to get into the fight before it is over.

Rurz was able to get 'Ere we go off enabling the unit to re-roll, which due to poison was able to get the last wound on the warshrine sending it crashing to the ground. The wolves were surprised by the Khorne Warriors heart losing two riders with out doing any damage to the warrior, seeing they might have another chance both warriors and the wolves stayed put. 

WOC - Turn 5:

Failed to run down the wolves
Slaying another wolf the wolves fled as the Khorne Warrior tried to run them failing as the wolves were to fast. Standing in the open waiting to sacrifice himself to his god. 

Orcs - Turn 6:


The savage orcs not being able to hold back charged the chaos warrior slaying him and over running into the last marauder slaying him to end the battle.

Battle after thoughts

Overall a great victory for the Greenskins. A lot of luck went my way and the mangler squigs inflicted a horrific amount of wounds that made the Chosen pretty much ineffective. I was surprised on how well both Squig Herds did, one slaying the skullcrushers and the other losing combat but going wild and killing off everything with in six inches. I was not expecting the battle to go the way it did. The battle before vs the same list didn't crush as badly. I'm excited to see what this list can go up against.

What do you guys think? How did it go? What should I have changed?

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Which Greenskin are You?

About three, maybe four years ago, heck I don't know when, lets just say a long time ago, I have a horrible memory :P, I took this test personality test from Games Workshop. Some sneaking around and finally found the Which Greenskin are You test. Remembering how much fun I had taking it I decided to write about the test and share my results. 

The best quote in the test comes from the disclaimer: "*Naturally, greenskins are erratic, so this test isn't infallible, but it has been proven to be 100% accurate when it is, and not so much when it isn't."

- Perfect, reminds me of Anchor Man's Sex Panther - "60% of the time it works every time."

Anyways back to the test. There are seven categories ranging from Thick Skulled & Pea Brained to Brutal, but Cunning to Very suspect.

I ended up scoring a 35 and teetered on the edge between Brutal, but Cunning and Cunning, but Brutal.

Once I read it I think it fits how I play O&G perfectly:

Brutal, but Cunning

In the long run this is perhaps the most dangerous type of greenskin commander of all - one who is able to bash through anything  but doesn't feel compelled to do so if there is a smarter way to get the job done. You will use whatever tools are needed or at hand - that could mean attacking with numbers, shooting the foe to pieces or a straight up krumpin'. Or sometimes a mix of all three. The most infamous Orc Warboss of all time, Gorbad Ironclaw was just this sort of menace and his name is still spoken of in the hushed tones.

Funny, every time I've taken this test over the years its always been the same, However over time my score has always increased, starting at the mid 20's and ending with the most recent 35. Never know maybe one day I'll become very suspect and be a 'bit off' like Azhad the Slaughterer.

It is also the reason I base Groktz Dwarfstompa fluff off of being one of Gorbad Ironclaws Lieutenants and when he goes missing Groktz Dwarfstompa takes up the mantle.

What did you score? Leave a comment below and let me know. I'd like to thank the (cracked) team of psycho engineers for coming up with this awesome test.


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

2400 2 Squig Herd List Review

The List! Over the course of this blog I will break down my lists that I play with and talk about what I was thinking about when building them, why I took what I did and what I can possibly do with the list. I will also analyze what armies I think it will do well against and how I think it will perform on the table.

Idea behind the list:
An idea was proposed on Da Warpath forums by silverbullet. He probably isn't the first person to think about this or talk about it but it was the first time I've heard of it. I have always thought about running Squig Herders, a horde of 45/15 coming out at 405 pts. Reading silverbullet's idea I decided to write a list, with some of his inputs, and play some games without changing the list. Silverbullet's idea is to include two Squig Herds at 30 squigs and 10 herders coming out at 270 points. The thought of having two Squig Herds is what inspired this list.

The List:
Savage Orc Great Shaman - Lucky Shrunken Head, Fencer's Blades

Night Goblin Shaman - Level 2, Dispel Scroll

Black Orc Big Boss - Heavy Armour

Goblin Big Boss - BSB(Spider Banner)Great Weapon; Light Armour; Shield

33 x Savage Orc Big'Unz - Extra Hand Weapons, Musician, Standard Bearer
41 x Night Goblins - Shields, Nets, Standard Bearer
5 x Goblin Wolf Riders
5 x Goblin Wolf Riders

Squig Herd - 30 Squigs, 10 Herders
Squig Herd - 30 Squigs, 10 Herders

Goblin Doom Diver Catapult
Goblin Doom Diver Catapult
Goblin Rock Lobber
Mangler Squig
Mangler Squig
Snotling Pump Wagon - Giant Explodin' Spores; Spiky Roller

Total Roster Cost: 2399

Unit Analysis:
Savage Orc Great Shaman - This is pretty standard if bringing Savage Orc boyz. Having the shaman with the Lucky Shrunken Head, giving Savage Orcs a 5+ ward save instead of a 6+ base, is absolutely essential. Having the Fencer's Blades on the shaman just helps with his survivability and combined with Fist of Gork, giving the shaman +3 attacks, +3 strength, and a 6+ ward (4+ with the base and shrunken head), making him a killing machine.

Night Goblin Shaman - having a dispel scroll is essential but it makes life a heck of a lot easier when fighting other players magic. Upgrading the shaman to a level 2 just increases the chances of getting Itchy Nuisance, lowering movement and most importantly initiative (the bane of orcs and goblins).

Black Orc Big Boss - Sticking him into my most important combat block to help quell animosity and not lose a turn to failing animosity.

Goblin Big Boss - Making the Goblin big boss a bsb, giving him the spider banner(gives Poisoned Attacks), and attaching him to my savage orc unit was an idea I have been playing around with a while. Making my savage orcs even more killy is always good in my eyes.

Core Choices:
Savage Orc Big'Unz - In my opinion, Savage Orc Big'Unz is the best unit in the Orc and Goblin book. I never leave home without them. I always equip them with extra hand weapons. Having only 33 of them however bothers me a bit. I like to run the unit around 35-40+.

Night Goblins - Hoping to use the NG as a bit of a tarpit, with nets and a 6+ parry save, as long as they are in my leadership bubble they should be good to hold for a turn or two until help arrives.

Goblin Wolf Riders - having two units of fast cav has a dual purpose. I can use these two units to go either warmachine hunting or as cheap re directors.

Special Choices:
Squig Herd - I believe Squig Herds are vastly underrated and are hardly ever used, when people see units that they are not use to they generally make mistakes that you can take advantage of. With having 2 strength 5 attacks and running them as a horde, they will be able to take out mostly anything. With the special rule they effectively have a 5+ ward save against shooting, hoping the squig herders take an arrow to the face instead of the squig. Running both squig herd units as a horde creates a very hard hitting front.

Trolls - 3 cheap chaf units. Helps keep my savage orcs into check so they do not over pursue into areas I do not want them to go.

Rare Choices:
Doom Divers - Double Doom Diver is starting to become a staple into my list building, having a reliable.... well reliable to orc standards, shooting that does wonders when removing armor. I find doom divers to be a very good diverse tool that should be used as much as possible.

Rock Lobber - a great alternative to the doom diver. Great for taking out monsters and other warmachines with a str 9 under the hole and d6 multiple wounds just crushes anything it lands directly on... unless you roll a 1 on multiple wounds, happens to me all the time. Also a great tool against Ogres!

Mangler Squigs - Having these crazy bastards is starting to become essential for me in my lists. The most important thing that Manglers do is they make your opponent deal with them, if they don't they will regret not doing so. Putting two on the field takes a lot of attention off your combat blocks and other chaf.

Pump Wagon - Great vs armor, another alternative to the mangler squig. Giving it Giant Explodin' Spores and Spiky Roller just melts armor away which I always love.

My thoughts on the overall list:

- I would really like to beef up my units a bit more. I have been thinking abut dropping the Night Goblin Unit and adding more Savage Orcs.
- An alternative, dropping the night goblins, and adding two units of 21 x night goblins with bows and a fanatic, just to add a bit  of versatility.
- I would really like to get the Squig Herd to 35 Squigs 12 Herders.
- Initiative... as I said earlier, Initiative is the bane of Orcs and Goblins having half my squigs slaughtered before they get to attack is heart breaking, however that is why the Orc and Goblin units are so cheap, just need to take more.
- Spider Banner BSB, I don't know how I feel about this yet, I really like the idea of giving my Savage Orcs Poisoned Attacks, however an alternative would be kill two birds with one stone and give the BO the BSB and give him the Standard of Discipline boosting my leadership to 9. This is a big one for me and after 10 games I have a feeling this will be one of the places that will need tweaking.
-Leadership 8... Add a naked Orc Warboss? maybe.

Do well against:

Anything that has the same or lower initiative, I feel like this list will do really well vs Ogre Kingdoms.

Sketchy against:

Units with high initiative and a lot of models, WOC was a hard army to to beat with chaos warriors wiping out half of my squig herds before they got to attack back.

What are your thoughts? Let me know what you think in a comment below.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

2400 Orcs vs WOC

Battle Chronicler - Groktz Dwarfstompa vs. WOC

Groktz Dwarfstompa vs. WOC


Scenario: Blood and Glory
Location: Gamers Haven Colorado Springs, CO
Date played: Saturday, December 01, 2012

Groktz Dwarfstompa

General: Derick

  • Lord
  • SGS Savage Orc Great Shaman, SO Great Shaman
    290 points
  • Hero
  • NGS Night Goblin Shaman, NG Shaman
    110 points
  • BSB Goblin Big Boss (Battle Standard Bearer), Goblin Big Boss
    153 points
  • BBB Black Orc Big Boss, BO Big Boss
    90 points
  • Core
  • SO 33 Savage Orc Big'Uns, SO Boyz Mob
    + Musician, Standard
    383 points
  • NG 41 Night Goblins, Night Goblin Mob
    + Standard
    178 points
  • WR1 5 Goblin Wolf Riders, Wolf Rider Mob
    50 points
  • WR2 5 Goblin Wolf Riders, Wolf Rider Mob
    50 points
  • Special
  • SH1 40 Night Goblin Squig Herd, Squig Herd 1
    30 Squigs, 10 Herders
    270 points
  • SH2 40 Night Goblin Squig Herd, Squig Herd 2
    30 Squigs, 10 Herders
    270 points
  • T1 Trolls
    35 points
  • T2 Trolls
    35 points
  • T3 Trolls
    35 points
  • Rare
  • MS11 Mangler Squig
    65 points
  • MS22 Mangler Squig
    65 points
  • PW Snotling Pump Wagon, Pump Wagon
    75 points
  • DD11 Goblin Doom Diver Catapult, Doom Diver 1
    80 points
  • DD2 Goblin Doom Diver Catapult, Doom Diver 2
    80 points
  • RL3 Goblin Rock Lobber
    85 points
  • Total: 2399 points


General: Mike

  • Lord
  • SLoT Sorcerer Lord of Tzeentch
    290 points
  • Hero
  • EHoKB Exalted Hero of Tzeentch(Battle Standard Bearer) + halberd, shield
    150 points
  • Core
  • CM11 20 Chaos Marauders of Khorne
    130 points
  • CM22 20 Chaos Marauders of Khorne
    130 points
  • CWN 24 Chaos Warriors of Nurgle
    + Standard
    426 points
  • CWK 24 Chaos Warriors of Khorne
    + Standard
    426 points
  • Special
  • CK 15 Chosen of Khorne
    315 points
  • Rare
  • W Chaos Warshrine of Tzeentch
    130 points
  • SK 6 Skullcrushers
    360 points
  • Total: 2357 points


Before Start of Turn
SO Great Shaman:
Fists of Gork, Hand of Gork, 'Ere We Go!, and Foot of Gork.
NG Shaman:
Sneaky Stabbin', and Gift of the Spider-god, really needed Itchy Nuisance.

Chaos Sorc:
Flickering Fire of Tzeentch, Pandaemonium, Treason of Tzeentch, and Call to Glory.
Both Wolf rider units were able to vanguard to set up flank charges.

Turn 1 - Groktz Dwarfstompa

Orcs - Turn 1
Animosity: Both NG, and SH1 both failed and Squabbled. SO also failed but the BO stopped that quick, only killing off 1 SO. The wolf riders marched to set up flank charges. All others moved forward as normal. The MS1 rolled pretty poorly and ended up right in front of the marauders...

Magic: Rolled average for the winds, hand of Gorked MS2 right in front of CWK. Tried to cast Foot of Gork on 5 dice on an 18+, came out to a 15 with my level, pretty poor dice.

I was pretty scared of his Skullcrushers, so I decided to send both doom divers at them inflicting 6 wounds taking 3 skull crushers off. I continued with the rock lobber on the Warshrine, rolling the third direct hit in a row, wounded, he failed his ward save, and I rolled a 1 for multiple wounds T_T.


Turn 1 - WOC

WOC - Turn 1
Charges: CM1 charged SH2 but failed.
He moved CM2, like I predicted into MS1 killing it but inflicting 9 wounds.

He rolled pretty poorly for winds of magic and casted Pandaemonium, which I let pass because I needed dice to stop his Flickering Fire on MS2 which was dispelled easily.

Shooting: Warshrine casted the buff which causes Fear.


Turn 2 - Groktz Dwarfstompa

Orcs - Turn 2
Animosity: none
Charges: NG charged CM2 but failed, SH2 charged CM1, T3 but failed its stupidity roll because of pandaemonium charged CWK.
MS2 moved through the CWK killing 8, the PW killed 5 with impact hits.

Rolled really well for winds here but made a pretty big mistake. I started out with casting Hand of Gork on MS2 to move him back in front of CWK. Here is where two big mistakes. I forgot to dispel Pandaemonium which made me miscast, I lost a level and lost Hand of Gork. In hindsight I shouldn't have moved the mangler back in front of my units forgetting that his movement is random now.
I casted Foot of Gork on 6 dice on 18+ stomping on CWK, killing 7, Gork was smiling and continued and stomped on the Skull Crushers, killing one, Gork wasn't pleased with that result and decided to stomp on them again killing all of them. Still not being pleased, Gork decided to return to the CWK unit killing 6 before he decided to take a break.

Gork or Mork who ever likes shooting more decided to bless my scatter dice. Landing two direct hits with the doom divers, killing from both CW and CWK. The rock lobber hit the warshrine again but I rolled a 1 to wound T_T.

PW got slaughtered, which I knew would happen. Now came to the units I built this list for and wanted to test out, the Squig Herders. SH2 went first in the combat because the marauders had Great Weapons. The Squigs alone inflicted over 25 wounds slaying the unit out right.
At this point I was really confident in my army to handle the rest of the WOC, however I should have known better.

Turn 2 - WOC

WOC - Turn 2
The 13 or so marauder (CM2) charged the NG and moved CK to prepare for the charge.

Rolled pretty well here, I was pretty outnumbered with dice. Again I let Panaemonium go, let flickering go, and stopped Call to Glory.

His warshrine buffed his CW unit with +1 toughness.

The NG struck first due to GW on the Marauders. Rolled for nets... and decided it would be a good idea if I netted myself. I was only able to kill 3 marauders, which in turn he clobbered my goblins. Luckily I was steadfast; however I was outside of my leadership bubble and had to pass a LD test on a 5... Lets just say I failed it miserably. Fleeing from combat, luckily getting away, losing a standard and Dropping down to 5 Fortitude.

Turn 3 - Groktz Dwarfstompa

Orcs - Turn 3
Animosity: none
Charges: SH1 charged CK, SH2 Charged CWK, both failed and T1 charged the CW unit. :P
Couldn't rally the NG unit, which proceeded to flee from the table right through my warmachines causing both RL3, and DD1 to cower behind their war machines. MS2 scattered right through T2 causing 5 wounds and somehow I saved 4 of them. This screwed me here halting my advance with my SO unit.

Magic: Rolled pretty poorly and dispelled Pandaemonium, tried to cask foot of Gork again but failed.

The DD2 tried to shoot the Warshrine managed to misfire and threw a random shot right across the face of the marauders, just couldn’t imagine what they were thinking when a goblin with wings flew past them on the horizon and smashing into a pulp in front of them.

As expected the Troll got diced up pretty badly.

Turn 3 - WOC

WOC - Turn 3
CK charged SH1, CM2 charged the RL, both making it.
He decided to reform to protect his left flank and prepare for my SO.

He rolled really high for Pandaemonium and I had to throw all 4 dispel dice at it to stop it which opened up him to use the remaining dice on Flame killing 4 squigs and 2 herders. He also got off, Call to Glory and placed a new Hero in CWK

His warshrine did something, but nothing relevant.

The chosen decided to go on a killing spree killing 17 Squigs, fighting back the Squigs were able to return and kill 9 of them. The squigs being outside the bubble failed their break test causing them to explode killing 2 more chosen. CM2 killed the Rock lobber and running off the table. Causing both Doom Diver units to panic and hide again.

Turn 4 - Groktz Dwarfstompa

Orcs - Turn 4
Animosity: WR2 failed their test charging into CWK
Charges: Both T2 and T3 charged, also Charged. WR1 charged the CK for a hope of a miracle.
MS2 moved through my SO killing 3 and taking a wound from the fence. I prepared the SO to charge and move around the tower.

Magic: Rolled poorly for magic here and decided not to tempt a miscast and decided to not do anything.


I was pretty nervous here with the high initiative after what happened to my other herd unit vs. the chosen. The warriors went first killing off the wolves with ease, the rest of the attacks including the 2 exalted heroes carved their way through my herders killing 18. At this point it was my turn. The two trolls decided to vomit on the BSB melting him in his armor. The Herders decided tear apart the warrior units leaving only the other hero alive which the rest of the attacks penetrated his armor slaying him. No luck for WR1 as they were made into puppy stew.

Turn 4 - WOC

WOC - Turn 4
The WOC prepared for the charge by moving back to try and survive one more turn.

Cast flickering flame, on t2 melting it in a boiling mess. Tried to cast Pandaemonium which I dispelled. Then cast Call to Glory adding another Hero into CW.



Turn 5 - Groktz Dwarfstompa

Orcs - Turn 5
Animosity: none
Charges: T3 charges CW, which he fails, which in hindsight really saved me here.

Rolled 3-2 and threw all my dice at Foot of Gork on a 18+ getting it on a 27 w/o a miscast. Gork decided he was done being lazy and came out stomping on CW twice killing all except one Chaos Warrior and Exalted Hero. At this point his army broke below three fortitude ending the game.

Overall good game and a win for the Boyz, I made some mistakes but that is the point of writing these reports to see what I could do better and get opinions on what I could have done better and what I did well.


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