Friday, December 19, 2014

The Real Gorbad Irconclaw Please Stand Up!


So this week at a local club we decided on to do an Orc vs. Orc match with a little twist. Both of us were testing out a Gorbad Ironclaw list with subtle differences.

 I was playing Gorbad with a single unit of Savage Big'Uns lead by Wurrzag and a companion Savage Orc carrying the Lucky Shrunken Head, and a Big boss tooled out for killing. There was also an NG Git bearing a ruby ring and dispel scroll. Gorbad parks his happy ass in with a ten-strong wolf rider unit with a goblin boss tooled out to protect against magic and war machines. 

My Orc counterpart however decided to dabble in the dark arts and bring a level a level four great shaman and 3 goblins all taking the Lore of Undeath. The Cheeky Orcs were also lead by none other than Gorbad Ironclaw... there can only be one!!!

Turn One

Undead Gorbad had the first turn. He moved everything up, sending his manglers and chariots forward on the flanks towards my flanking chariots. He then summoned a unit of zombies, a flying goblin also flew across the battlefield and smashed into the side of one of the boar chariots creating a red streak.

My Turn, seeing goblins flying the ten strong Orc Arrer Boyz decided it would be a great idea to get into the battle instead of shooting the mangeler and charge the newly summoned zombies. 

And then on to magic phase!!!

After burning a few spells to eat up dispel dice. Wurrzag got an itch and felt Gork whisper in his ear to hunt out the imposter Gorbad Ironclaw. Sending Foot of Gork across the table and stomping directly on the wolf unit containing the Undead Gorbad. The foot scattered and was directly over Gorbad himself. The goblin wolf riders saw the foot coming and ran out of the way instead of trying to protect their master, causing him to failing his look out sir and get stomped to death by Gork. 

Afterwards, Gork was pleased and left the battlefield. Haters Gonna Hate!

Turn Two

He charged my Arrer Boys in the flank, expected his manglers continued pursuit up the flank. in the magic phase he was able to summon a swarm and position them in between my goblins and savage orcs coming up the middle. Shooting was ineffective.

I spaced out the chariots hoping to draw some charges and move the manglers / goblins containing fanatics through his lines. I was hoping to do more damage with shooting to whittle the Savage Orc Big Uns down and possibly charge with Gorbad. 

Turn Three

Charges! The undead greenskins decided to charge on all fronts, wolf chariots charging chariots on the flank and the Savage Orc Big Uns charging Gorbad and his wolf riders.  Being the master tactiction that Gorbad is (I would like to consider myself one as well) we decided to flee despite being 11 inches from the back of the table. Luckily I rolled a 6, 3 and 3, and safely evaded the frenzied savages. The mangler decided to run through my Boar chariot and turn it into splinters. 

The manglers and fanatics blew up the skeleton unit and while causing a poultry amount to the savages. The building in the middle of the map hindered my movement and possible flank opening to the savages. My chariots were able to laugh at their counterparts and counter charge them pushing deep into the back lines of my opponent. Panicking one of his shaman to run away from the combat. 

Turn Four

The undead actually started to bog me down and get in the way of my units to prevent me from securing some points. The savages failed their charge again this time being much further apart than before. Instead, the undead great shaman decided on summoning a terrogheist(spider) which tried to scream at Gorbad and failed. In the meanwhile, the pumpwagon continued its chase of the wolf chariot, failing by mere inches each time to come in contact. His wolf riders slithered through my lines and b-lined it to my war machines. 

I was able to charge through with my goblins, slaughtering skeletons and swarms alike. With such a frenzy, the night goblins decided to overrun 10 inches out of the Orc Big Uns(black orcs) field of view. I was able to rally Gorbad who turned and faced the evil that tried to scream at him. I was able to charge the fleeing chariot off of the table on my right flank and moved into position to charge the doom diver with the wolf chariot on the left flank. Sadly shooting was not going very well and kept sending goblins flying through the map. I was able to land a rock lobba right on top of one of his doom divers shattering it. I was worried here and wanted to save Gorbad with my Savage Orcs and tried to Hand of Gork with terrible dice. 

Turn Five

Mangler going crazy, spinning uncontrollably away from Gorbad(phew), while the therrogheist flew over to my rock lobba and with a scream shattering it apart. The wolf riders charged the rock lobba and after making short work of the crew, reformed to face the doom diver on the right flank. The pumpwagon was determined to make it into contact with my chariot rolling a 2, 1, 1... needing a 5 to save its fellow doom diver from the inevitable charge. The Big Uns decided to get hungry and pick on the night goblins causing them to flee and drawing out their flank to the savages. Seeing this, the goblin shaman summoned 10 more skeletons to protect the flank from the Frenzied Savages and positioned them to receive a charge in effect protecting the boyz flanks for another turn. 

I was able to move Gorbad out of the way from the oncoming savages and reformed to try and chase down the goblin wolf riders. I was able to charge the chariots into the doom diver and the other into the troll both being able to reform and face the rear/flanks of the Orc Big Uns. The goblins decided to continue running being outside of their leaders leadership 10 and rolling an 8 needing a 7. 

Turn Six

At a last ditch effort, the undead savage orcs tried to charge Gorbad one final time failing. The wolf riders attempted to get the doom diver. The pumpwagon, again failed to reach the wolf chariot preventing a charge. The Big Uns moved forward hoping to negate the attacks from the savages.

Gorbad tried to charge the wolf riders, failing, The wolf chariot slammed into the flank of the Big Uns and the Boar Chariot slammed into the rear. The savages charged the skeletons that were positioned between the two and made short work of them before over running into the regular Orc Big Uns. The level one Night Goblin decided to six dice bad moon and threw it over his unit and into the savages. (I was thinking here, that it slayed the model outright, like purple sun, it does not, whoops!!!) He ended up killing a bunch of savage orcs and wounding the shamans but decided smash himself in the face with a strength six hit killing him. The savages and chariots won combat by 8 and breaking the steadfast attempted to run down the regular Big Uns. However today wasn't their day, slipping over the dead the all failed to catch the fleeing orcs.

Overall it was a great game, I ended up winning by 400 points or so. We both had a ton of fun and the orcs really came out. We both wanted to try and use Gorbad and both have mixed feelings. I like him and will try using him more in the future to see if I can bring him to tournaments. Again another shoutout to DaSmasha over at Da Warpath. Great Game Buddy! WAAAGGHHH!!!

I imagine this is Gorbad after the battle

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Orc vs Orc Battle Report Coming, Hold tight

Hold tight ya'll, I have a good Gorbad vs Gorbad battle report that I'm writing up. I've been busy with work so I haven't had much time to dedicate to it. For now here is a gif that really describes the game.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Painting Challenge Week Four and Da-Warpath Advent Calendar

For this week I decided on combining two challenges into one day. Over at Da Warpath we do a yearly Advent Challenge Calendar where you have one day to complete what ever challenge you can. So I decided to continue my subterranean NG look. This time I decided to paint with Chaos Black instead of Incubus Darkness. 

Grab some popcorn this is going to be good

I started a bit late, ran some errands and got distracted watching football

I started out with a base of chaos black, then dusted with white spray( I think I might start cutting this out, it adds to much white and hides some of the detail. 

Here is a comparrison from last week. 

Week 3

Week 4

What do you like more? Week 3 or 4? For week 5 I'm going to try Incubus Darkness with no white dusting and just highlight with skull white. Get the contrast that I want.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Painting Challenge Week Three

Here are my 10 models for week three of the painting competition.

Here is what I was shooting for:

Mine are a bit lighter and I believe that is from the process that I used. 

1. Sprayed with GW Incubus Darkness (interesting color)
2. Dusted with white spray paint (probably too much dusting)
3. highlighted with skull white
4. dotted eyes with red
5. washed with nuln oil/baddab black
6. used red glze to make glowing eyes.

What I'm going to try for the next 10 is use the regular black spray (make it darker) and stand way the hell back when I'm trying to get the dusting effect.

The idea for implementing this paint scheme comes from my display board. I play to have a cave mouth and have the night goblins coming out of the cave.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Adepticon List Idea / Warhammer Fantasy It’s How You Use It - Night Goblins, Lore of Undeath

So this week I'm taking an all Goblin list. I don't know how I feel about this, I've never ran an all Gobo list and I don't trust the little gits, but I'll give it a shot.

No Orcs!!!


Goblin Warboss - Light Armor, Shield ( I need that LD 8)
NG Great Shaman - Level 4, Channeling Staff, Lore of Undeath


Goblin Big Boss - BSB, Spider Banner, Short Bow, Light Armour, Shield
NG Shaman - Level 1, Forbidden Rod, Lore of Undeath
NG Shaman - Level 1, Dispel Scroll, Lore of Undeath
Goblin Shaman - Level 1, Giant Wolf, Lore of Undeath


45 x Night Goblins - Bows, Musician, Standard, 3 x Fanatics
5 x Goblin Wolf Riders


None :(


Goblin Doom Diver

My reaction when I realize I didn't include any Orcs or any special

Friday, December 5, 2014

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Adepticon List Idea / Warhammer Fantasy It’s How You Use It - Gorbad Ironclaw

It's another Warhammer Wednesday at the local club. Today is a good day.

My reaction on Wednesdays

The List:


Gorbad Ironclaw


Shaman (Level 2, Lore of Undeath)Shaman (Level 1, Lore of Undeath, Dispel Scroll)


35 x Night Goblins (MUS, STD, NETS, SPEARS, 2 X Fanatics)
5 x
Goblin Wolf Riders (MUS, Shield)


Mangler Squig
Goblin Doom Diver
Goblin Spear Chukka

Warhammer Fantasy It’s How You Use It Draft Rules

What do you think?

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Undead Orcs

Titan Forge has some really great undead greenskins

Undead Wyvern

Night Goblin Zombie Command

Grupas over at Da Warpath has a fine looking night goblin unit that I'm drawing inspiration from:

Find more of his work here:

Speaking of Undead, Brettonia is always gets thrashed by them, maybe it is because of their knights. I picture them behind their castle walls like this:

Praying to the "Lady"

And I'm out!

Monday, December 1, 2014

Painting Technique: James Wappel Shaded Basecoat

Here is my first attempt at James Wappel's Shaded Basecoat technique.

This is James most important video, which is why it is the first one he filmed, apparently (I haven't watched any of the others) all of his other techniques stem from this method.



Well I tried

James Wappel's Blog: